I’m Selling

Your home is not just a financial investment, but an emotional one.  The walls hold memories and dreams and most people expect the purchase price to align accordingly.  Our savvy agents have the necessary experience to analyze the market data and tell you how much your home is worth.

Establishing rapport with your agent is extremely important, so we invite you to interview any of our talented REALTORS®.  The goal of every Resource One agent is to be your one and only REALTOR® for life and our approach to each listing is not transactional, but personal.

What to Expect from Resource One REALTORS®

Our agents will always provide a free comparative market analysis on your home, which will include a recommended sales price, to help you in your search for a REALTOR®.  This typically includes comparable recent sales and competing properties.

There are a number of things sellers can do to best prepare the home for market, but our agent will advise on which areas to focus your efforts.

After listening to your personal goals for the sale – most often financial or timing – the agent will devise a marketing strategy for your home.  Resource One has many tools in the toolbox to aggressively market your home and our tactics have proven successful time after time.  Our average number of days, from listing to closing, is 14% faster than the average office in the Green Bay area.  Similarly, our average list and sale prices are higher (.34% and 1.31% respectively).

Like any successful relationship, the one you have with your REALTOR® will all come down to communication.  Your agent will keep you apprised on the efficacy of the marketing tactics, because knowledge empower you to be as hands on in the sale as you feel comfortable.  After all, it is your home and the decisions are yours.

Most importantly, your REALTOR® will be your advocate – fighting for your best interests.  Moving is stressful, but having a Resource One REALTOR® on your side of the negotiating table will ease your mind at the end of the day.