The narrative of Resource One Realty begins with a handful of successful agents wanting to deviate from the structure of their respective national franchises.  Believing that real estate is not simply transactional, but relational, Resource One is built on the following three pillars:


As strong believers in this community, Resource One will remain local.  No corporate franchises.  No financial injections from outside stakeholders.  This dedication allows us to be proactive in our community, versatile with our marketing and provide you with the tools you need for success.  We are also able to better evaluate each agent and align them with the most suitable commission structure.


The culture at Resource One is of the utmost importance, which is why we’ve built a solid team with a strong moral compass to guide our clients through their transaction and build partnerships in the communities we serve.


We pride ourselves on making things happen.  We invite you to not only look at our results, but speak with our clients and talk to our agents.  Consistently, our sales outpace those of our regional competitors.  We don’t want to be the biggest firm in northeast Wisconsin, we want be the best.